Model Citizen EP

by New Grenada

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Energized by their recent downsizing to a three-piece and the rush they felt recording with Steve Albini, a spark was lit underneath the rears of New Grenada, and soon a bevy of new songs started pouring out. This new EP is their first without Shawn and their first as fully functional, real-life adults. Their newfound exuberance shines bright, and you can hear it bleeding from every orifice of these four new songs. From the world-weary paranoia that laces "January 1st" to the critiques on scene politics on "My Spirits Go Down Along With the Sun" and "I Will Let You Know Why", New Grenada shows that though they've aged, they are still as full of piss-and-vinegar as they've always been. And the sound? It's almost a follow-up to the bawdy rock heard on Modern Problems, but it still retains a pop and punk undercurrent that earned New Grenada comparisons to everybody from Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. to the Buzzcocks and Husker Du. See, still good 'ole New Grenada, with just a few new tricks up their sleeve.


released March 4, 2008




Asaurus Records Athens, Georgia

A small, handmade CD-R label founded in 2001. Specializing in indie pop, quiet noise, and other, Asaurus Records has been inactive since June 2008. Look for classic releases from our catalog here.

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